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The cafe

A Viennese institution introduces itself

Was darf's denn sein, Gnä Frau?*

The best way to start the day is with friends over an exquisite and opulent breakfast at Café Afro. The dignified ambience with a touch of oriental flair invites you to linger longer, even if your schedule demands otherwise. A dilemma that can be easily resolved. By checking back either for lunch with colleagues or in the evening for a dinner with friends. Not because of the excellent coffee or the fancy drinks, the exciting, fresh cuisine, which offers classics and Viennese originals as well as international and modern dishes, often also vegetarian and vegan - but because you simply get along hereFEEL AT HOME.
An atmosphere that invites you either to engage in lively conversations, to dare a chess or board game or, on the contrary, to spend undisturbed time with yourself, with domestic and foreign magazines. A connoisseur will get their money's worth, as will the guest who is looking for relaxation in the stressful everyday life and is looking for informal moments with formidable service.
Following our credo "the guest is king", it goes without saying that we welcome the guests entrusted to us with polite attention, appreciation and respect, because ...

Kaffeepause mit Freundin
Kaffee und Streuselkuchen
Frau Kaffee trinken
Kaffeepause mit Freunden
Mann beim Zeitunglesen
Arabic Coffee
Barista Kaffeezubereitung

Curious now?

Testing is above studying! Stop by, let yourself be pampered and witness our first-class range of drinks and food. We are sure: there is something for you too!
Take a look at our ONLINE DRINKS AND DISH MENU HERE or download the menu as a PDF right HERE.
Baba (Viennese for bye-bye) and "Auf Wiederschauen"
Your Cafe Afro team

Pflanzen und Cappuccinos

Participate in the Café Afro stamp campaign!

Every 10th coffee for free!

It's that easy:
⁃ Ask the staff at the counter for the “Café Afro stamp pass” that is ready for you
⁃ Enjoy nine delicious coffee specialties with us and get a stamp for your passport after each visit.
⁃ The tenth coffee is free upon presentation of the complete stamp pass


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